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                电话:86 755 85201071


                传真:86 755 85201071

                地址:深圳市龙岗区对剑 盛平南路33号汇麒商务大▲厦4G




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                News: PULS is ready for delivery and easily reachable.

                This page provides regular and up-to-date information on the delivery situation and current operations at PULS.

                Status: 03.06.2020

                Current delivery situation at PULS

                Thanks to our generous stock of components as well as finished PULS products, we have been able to overcome the difficulties caused by the corona outbreak very well. So far, this has had practically no effect on our ability to deliver.
                In fact, our delivery reliability reached 99.2% in April 2020.

                Our factories are absolutely capable of producing the quantities requested by our customers. However, the lockdowns at our suppliers' factories, especially in Malaysia (Capacitors) and the Philippines (Magnetics), are gradually beginning to have an impact. Additionally, the demand from our customers in the medical sector has strongly increased and we feel obliged to serve these customers by all means during this time.

                We hope that with our large stock, alternative suppliers, special attention in management and by using air instead of sea freight, we will be able to keep the coming limitations to a minimum. Currently we are covering the additional air freight costs. The decline in demand in the foreseeable future will also help ease possible delivery problems.

                Contact options

                To protect our employees, the PULS teams located in the HQ and our global subsidiaries are now working primarily from home. Nevertheless, you can reach your regional contact person at PULS through the usual communication channels as we have forwarded all phones.

                Contact your regionalen contact person

                Commitment of PULS to the safety of our employees

                An important core value of PULS is the responsibility and care for people, in other words our employees, their families and our global society. It is of the utmost importance to our CEO, Mr. Bernhard Erdl, to provide stability and security for all employees, especially in a difficult, uncertain time like the current corona crisis. His message to us in this regard is very clear and reassuring:

                "Everything that we can do, we will do! "

                The following examples show more closely what this means for PULS:

                • Easy transition into the home office for colleagues with office workstations – they are now fully equipped with a smartphone and being supported remotely by our IT

                • Role model China: Our manufacturing plant in Suzhou showed us possibilities for virus containment. This includes social distancing, which also applies to our production in Chomutov, Czech Republic. (Also, division into multi-shift operation and even more flexible work/break times are important.)

                • Use of masks in all offices & manufacturing plants to protect the health of employees

                • Temperature control at the office entrance for early detection

                • Comprehensive disinfection measures

                  The management team and the crisis team – which was established specifically for the corona crisis – are jointly discussing the current situation and quickly implementing important decisions for the benefit of everyone.

                The entire PULS team is here for you to the best of our ability. Stay healthy!